We understand how important it is to keep your building painted. Therefore, we work with you to get the scope of work right, prep the building correctly and apply products that will last. We are dedicated to learning about the latest products and systems to better paint and to protect buildings. Working side by side with most quality paint manufacturers around insures you that you have the correct products.

Building Coatings Analysis

With a professional eye, Paint Blue will review your buildings current state of sealants and coatings. We will provide a detailed report explaining the cause of any failures and the soultion to repair them. The thorough report will give you an insight of your building.

Industrial Structures

Scheduled maintenance is the key to maintaining the integrity of warehouse and industrial buildings. Proper surface preparation and paint mileage are crucial to protecting concrete buildings.

Retail Buildings

A crisp paint job will show your customers you are open for business. A retail building with clean walls makes clients feel they are getting the best service. Bold corporate colors will stay looking their best with Paint Blue.


Renters want their apartment to feel like home. Keep your exterior freshly painted for renters to see they are getting the best value and are willing to pay more for a quality looking building.

Multifamily and HOA

Have your complex shine with a new coat of paint. Take pride living in a condo with beautiful common areas. Protect everyone’s investment with protective coatings. Paint Blue will brighten up townhomes while making the minimum disruption.



Paint Blue Professionals will provide a FREE No Hassle Quote of any Commercial Structure.