The Most Powerful Building Siding Cleaner!

Paint Blue Uses a Simple Green House and Siding Cleaner to clean all dirt and mildew off Commercial Buildings.

Video Transcript:

Matt: We are here today with David Hann with Results and we are doing some pressure washing and we are using some products that were supplied by results today to test the cleaning up the buildings in a better manner.  David can tell us a little bit more about it.

David:  Well today we are using the Simple Green product, a lot of the products are derived from the original Simple Green degreaser that everyone has known. What we are using today specifically for house and siding. It is a little more aggressive, it has oxicleaner within it that will attack, it will foam up, it removes grit, grime, grease, any kind of mold and mildew, also it causes adhesion from the paint from just the natural elements that we get here in Florida, this is going to take it away and aggressively help prep the surface for the paint Adhesion.

Matt: Excellent, yeah Paint Blue has been a fan of the traditional Simple Green for many years, and we are excited to be testing out this product that is growing in popularity, that is what we are using today. We are using this right here which is a foam gun versus connecting through the pump of the pressure washer. This turns the product, and it foams it up a little bit more so we get a good visual of how it covers up on the side of the building, it shows the production rate. You seen it in action, what do you think of it?

David? I think it works fantastic, I mean, with this it has a nob on the top so you can add a little more or add a little less with the solution based on the amount of cleaning that you need to take off.

Matt: I’m excited! We are going to put this to use on all these buildings today, we got 8 buildings to power wash and we are going to come back with the results here soon.

David: Thanks Matt again for trying our stuff and Paint Blue for trusting us with the product.