Fabio Boccuzzi of Sherwin-Williams Interviewed by Matt Callero of Paint Blue 

Fabio Boccuzzi of Sherwin-Williams Interviewed by Matt Callero of Paint Blue

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Together they discuss the Tampa painting industry with important points about paint products, prep and valuable information for property managers.

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Today we have Fabio Boccuzzi of Sherwin Williams and we’re going to discuss a little bit about the painting industry.

Fabio, tell us what is your role with Sherwin Williams?

My name’s Fabio Boccuzzi like Matt said with Shawn Williams. I’m currently a commercial sales representative for Tampa Bay Area. Typically, I work in the commercial field with a lot of different general contractors and commercial painters and companies that specialize in restoration. I also deal with a lot of condo associations where we write specifications. We offer products, warranties and national accounts associated with that.


Out of all those great Sherwin Williams products, which one is your favorite?

Well Matt, there’s a lot of good Sherwin Williams products, there really is! I would say one of the most popular, especially in this region of the country is our Resilience, line of paint. Resilience typically is associated with a 10-year warranty system. This product is especially good for this climate because it has exceptional mildew and moisture resistance and compared to our competitors, it’s very cost effective. It’s one of my favorites.


Speaking of the paint specs that you mentioned earlier. Can you explain a little bit, what is the paint spec and why would a property manager need one?

Sure. A paint specification is essentially a written form that’s going to give the scope of work for an upcoming project. This is valuable to property managers. So that includes preparation, which in our world, you know, that is probably the most essential part of a painting project and also specifies certain products, It specifies certain techniques that need to be achieved in order to offer that type of warranty.


When choosing paint, are paint colors and sheen an important factor to consider?

Absolutely, we are in Florida, very sunny. First the color is important, we try to skew away from the darker colors because in our climate.  It’s typically going to fade much quicker than a lighter color. We do not recommend a flat finish in this area because of how powerful our sun is. Typically, we go with a satin here because of how powerful our climate and the sun is and that will help protect the building at a longer timeframe. We use semi-gloss for typically doors trim and handrails, anything that’s really a high traffic area by having a semi-gloss finish. It allows you to have better durability.


What are a couple of things that every property manager should know?

Something that’s important is having quality contractors. Also, every seven years is the typical timeframe for repainting. If you do not take care of your sealant work and you have cracked sealant and failed sealant, you’re opening problems down the road and just having that protection around the envelope of the building with a new paint will also protect the integrity of your building. So, the paint is very important for your building. One of the final things that I think the property manager should know is how important the preparation work for the project is that would include making sure that pressure washing with a high-quality pressure washer, you must ensure that there’s no dirt, dust, mildew, anything that’s present on the surface removed.

Thank you, Fabio, for all the information and thank you for joining us.