How to Get the Best Price on Commercial Building Painting

How to Get the Best Price on Commercial Building Painting

When developing or renovating a commercial building, paints make it much more visually pleasing while providing the structure with necessary protection. If you’re a property manager, you’ll understand the essentialness of coating your building with high-quality, suitable, and well-applied paint. But, have you ever thought to yourself, “how do I get the best price on commercial building painting?”.

Paint Blue understands, and we want to go over various aspects of what affects the pricing and how you can ultimately receive the best price.

Understand your commercial building.

This first step is key, not just for pricing but also for the benefits your building receives from the prep and paint. You’ll need to understand the structure of the building. For instance, is it CMU Block, precast concrete, wood or steel framed?

From becoming familiar with this, you’re able to determine what underlining maintenance is needed and the paint that is required. For example, a precast tilt up building will have more expansion joints to review and a framed building has lath in the stucco to take into consideration. The patching and prepping of these two buildings will be different. Therefore, your commercial building will receive a better value for money knowing how deep the prep needs to go.

Become knowledgeable on your paint

It is evident that after gaining a better insight into what your building structure is, you’ll need to be knowledgeable on the appropriate paints.

As you’re probably aware, there’s an astronomical number of paints available within the industry. Due to this, if you’re not an expert, you may want to contract a paint representative to write a site-specific painting specification report. Within our area, there is four primary paint manufactures that can assist you with that type of work. These are:

  • Sherwin Williams
  • Behr
  • Florida Paints
  • Behr
  • PPG

All of the mentioned manufactures are experts within the field. The site-specific painting specification report they provide will include suitable paints, warranties, surface preparation, paint application, and much more. The information these manufactures withhold about paints is astonishing, and reaching out to them will undoubtedly enhance your own knowledge about commercial paints.

learn how to get the best price on commercial painting paint blue.

Final Step

After you’ve finalized what paint is needed for the project, it’s time to start bringing in contractors to receive some quotations. You can also ask your paint representative from either of the manufacturers to host a prebid with a few top professionals in the industry.

With the above-mentioned process completed and the information in place the contactors will all be bidding on the exact same details. Making it easier for the property manager to see who is following all the details, most knowledgeable and provides the best price.

If you’re a property manager and looking to receive the best price for commercial painting, contact Paint Blue. We offer a FREE building coatings and analysis report, and our helpful experts can assist you step-by-step through the above-mentioned process to gain the knowledge about your commercial building.

The reports we offer are incredibly detailed, and it includes a free on-site inspection to ensure you’re being generated the appropriate information. This includes the status of the current coating, a review of the underlying conditions, and much more. This is a practical first step if need assistance with your commercial property painting.