Drone Video of Paint Blue Systematically Painting a Highrise with a Swing Stage.

Fabio Boccuzzi of Sherwin-Williams Interviewed by Matt Callero of Paint Blue

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Matt Callero from Paint Blue explains the process of painting a 10-story building using a swing stage. The drone gives you a perspective as if you are in basket all those stories up. Safety is key at these heights. We follow daily check sheets on all equipment and weekly training. Come check out Paint Blue in action. 

View The Video Transcript Below 

Hi today we are in downtown Lakeland. We are painting this 10-story building in my background. It is a MIDFLORIDA Credit Union Bank, and we are going to be painting this with a swing stage. This swing stage is a system where you hang off the roof with a system and counterweights and it’s a stage that is moveable that will hang off the roof and we will be able to go up and down painting the stucco and the windows.

We are also building over head protection in the background as you can see. This allows us to protect the sidewalk and keep the sidewalk open while we paint up over head.

My name is Matt Callero owner of Paint Blue commercial painting contractor. We are experts specializing in large scale commercial painting projects, such as office buildings like we have in the background today, warehouses and other retail projects.

Paint Blue is a thorough painting contractor providing a predictable painting service.