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Paint Blue is applying Benjamin Moore’s Aura the finest can of paint they offer. This is a large Tampa Bay area condominium project. Matt Callero of Paint Blue talks with Jukorie Davis of Benjamin Moore.

Video Transcript:

Hi everybody, today we are here at a large condominium project, it’s a multi building project, garden style, and we are going to discuss the paint that we used on this project it is Benjamin Moore and the representative from Benjamin Moore is Jukorie Davis,

Jukorie: Hi, how are you all doing today, thank you very much for having me today, Matt.

Matt: Nice, welcome, excellent. So today we are going to discuss the factors of why this condominium project chose Benjamin Moore Paint and what are the factors that have led to doing that.

Jukorie: Well, of course for many years Benjamin Moore it’s always been on top of its quality and insurance. That was one of the major factors, its history and reputation; not only that, I think one of the other things we also need to consider and remember is that Benjamin Moore can only be purchased at locally owned stores so the relationships that our local independents its actually, it’s absolutely invaluable. I Like to say they are the biggest factors for driving these projects here in our local communities.

Matt: The paint specification for this project called for Benjamin Moore Paint called Aura, their top-of-the-line product. This must be the biggest project in Tampa Bay Area using Aura in this scale, right?

Jukorie: Yes, it is Matt, yes, it is. Thank you very much.

Matt: That’s what I thought. Nice. Jukorie, can you tell us a little bit more about Benjamin Moore Aura.

Jukorie: Yes, absolutely. Aura is our ultra-premium line of paint that we offer. It is the finest can of paint that we currently produce. With Aura you are gonna get maximum fade and color retention and that’s partially due to its color lock technology and also its newly reformulated resin.

Matt: On this project there was a large color change. What are the benefits of using Aura on color changes?

Jukorie: Due to its color lock technology Aura it’s always been known for its color depth and richness so any time you are doing a color change it is always easier to get to the achieved color.

Matt: One thing that I hear back from our painters in the field is: they say wow, this is some really think rich paint and then right after they applied it to the wall it does dry really fast and then I have even seen scratching on it and hearing back from them saying this stuff really bonds to the wall good

Jukorie: That is really strong feedback, Matt, that’s what it was designed to do.

Matt: So, A condominium board working with Benjamin Moore what type of experience will they have.

Jukorie: Un, thank you for asking that question. Matt. Working with Benjamin Moore not only do you get the expertise of our local independents. We like to be as hands on as we can be. Just for example, with this project here we were able to provide a color rendering due to them going through a color change, they wanted to have an idea of what their condo would look like. And most importantly the boards can rest assured because just like today we are out here doing our regularly scheduled, or routine inspections on behalf of Benjamin Moore.