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Paint Blue  did the unthinkable, we painted everything on his office building black! Transforming a tired old brick office building to an eye-popping masterpiece!

Video Transcript:

Paint Blue is proudly transforming this St. Petersburg office, modernizing the exterior brick with a sleek all black paint job.

Our unique coating inspections report revealed the need for a specialty primer on the aluminum windows and sealants. We also documented locations with cracks on the mortar joints where we will apply an elastomeric patch.

These important details were taken into consideration during the planning phase of the project. With our extensive experience and knowledge, we source the best products for the job.

Throughout the project we provide weekly progress reports with pictures and descriptions of the preparation and painting work being performed.

This office building is a three-story structure with over four hundred windows to paint.  We have also taken steps to ensure a safe working environment like coordinating with the building management, notifying tenants in advance and sectioning off areas with tall cones connected with caution tape.

At Paint Blue we take pride in our attention to detail, constantly documenting the process and our commitment to applying the products in the most professional manner possible.

Paint Blue is the color you can count on!