When is it time to paint your commercial building?

When Is It Time To Paint Your Tampa Bay Commercial Building?

Typically, commercial repainting is done every seven years. But don’t take this number for granted. Weather, foot traffic, and the property’s function should play a large role in your decision. For example, in Tampa Bay, where there are a lot of storms and exposure to UV light, you might need to repaint your commercial property sooner like every five years, especially coastal properties.

Managing a commercial building
can be tough.


From keeping everybody satisfied to maintaining your building’s safety and curb appeal, there are probably tons of stressors in your daily life. But the most successful property managers are those who act proactively and anticipate future maintenance.

Is your commercial building in need of exterior repainting?


Paint Blue recommends repainting commercial buildings after every 5 years. If you don’t know when the last time was you did a commercial repaint, the team at Paint Blue created a short guide for those wondering whether it’s time for a fresh coat of paint.

Here is everything you need to know about repainting your Tampa Bay commercial property:

  • Faded color: Check the wall color in a shielded place like under stairwells and behind signs. Then, compare it with the color on the main walls. If there is a large color difference, it is probably time for a commercial repaint.
  • Chalky walls: Pass your hand over the wall and check if there is a white residue on your hand afterward. If there is, the paint has broken down and is transforming into chalk.
  • Water stains, cracks, and mold: Damaged paint can lead to stucco delaminating, cracking and even rebar spalling which can become structural issues.
  • Hairline cracks in the stucco start to show as the paint has lost its elasticity and cannot bridge those gaps anymore.
time to repaint your commercial building when paint starts to peel

If you notice any of the above signs, then you know it is time to repaint.


Make it a habit of repainting your building every five years to enjoy the benefits. It is important to budget for a commercial repaint plus potential stucco and caulking repairs if the project is delayed for too many years.

You also want to repaint more often if you own a retail property, or apartment complexes. Regular repainting will increase curb appeal and the property’s value will rise as a result. Plus, everybody knows that high curb appeal gives a significant advantage over competitors! You can attract new customers and potential renters instead of losing them because of cracked and faded walls.

In recap every building has its unique properties, but all buildings need maintenance and it is a lot better to catch the small issues of paint before they become larger problems.