What time of year is best to paint your commercial building

What Time of Year is Best to Paint Your Commercial Property in Tampa Bay?

October through late March are the best months for a commercial repaint. Florida’s winter, the humidity level is lower and there are usually less storms or winds which might disrupt the painting process. Summer months in Tampa are very hot, humid and risk for storms, none of which are ideal for a painting project. A professional company like Paint Blue can adapt to them but if you are looking for an undisrupted production painting look to try to start in the dryer months of Tampa, October through March. The weather is warm, rain scarce, and in general the sky is sunnier.

Florida’s Rain & Paint Don’t Mix.


Have in mind that just like life, weather is also unpredictable, and you cannot always plan your project for the perfect time. At Paint Blue, we know the right techniques that guarantee a successful finish even on the hottest and windiest summer days. We are ready to work on your commercial property all year round!